David Hibbard


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A Californian native, David Hibbard began taking photographs with a Brownie Camera when he was seven. "The magic of photography had me hooked even then," he recalls. When he began to explore photography more seriously, a conversation with Ansel Adams convinced David to seek his own way as a photographic artist.

David's work ranges from intimate studies- a glimpse into the hidden universe of a tide pool to large-scale landscapes where light and weather take center stage. Of his work David says,"I'm interested in what a place reveals to me through long acquaintance. I look for gestures a casual observer might miss: how the forest shimmers after a spring rain, how the bark peels away from the aspen tree."

David exhibits his working the San Francisco Bay Area, serves as a juror for the Palo Alto Weekly's annual photography contest, teaches workshops on photography, and photographs on assignment for the Peninsula Open Space Trust. He is currently working on a book of his photographs of the northern California coast.


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