Lou Raizin

Seasons of Solitude

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In the midst of the technical bombardment of emails, cell phone calls and web traffic, coupled with the daily news, automobile congestion and a world in flux, man strives to escape - a change of season. This body of work evokes a place of simple solitude, quiet and thought provoking , where one can take a geographic cure to discover the tranquility within.

Lou Raizin's Seasons of Solitude explores the idealized place, where time stands still, a place strong and silent, alone but not lonely, a place that might be just be just outside our windows, but hard for most to find. The white season juxatoposes the graceful, natural shapes of winter trees reduced to their basic structure, with the flat, hard light of inspection.

In making a photograph Raizin's approach is to capture a moment that reveals itself through artistic impulse, to allow himself to be touched and to be influenced by what he sees, to articulate the experience, and to illuminate it. Raizin's photographs reflect who he is and how the subjects impact him. Raizin looks through the lens of his camera and closes his eyes to see.

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