Sky Bergman

The Naked and the Nude


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Sky Bergman's work is a personal investigation which began as an attempt to see the body through the photographic medium in ways which are impossible with the "naked eye", and has evolved to the most recent work dealing with intergrating computers and the photographic medium.

Sky's earlier work, dealt with self-portrait, and a romanticized view of the body and her own sensuality through mural scale photographic images (3ft.x5ft.). She realized that we view imagse of the body very differently when they are life size or larger. Other objects do not holsd such power and are always subject to interpretation of space when confronted by differences in size. The body, although conforming to the same rules of perspective, also holds another set of rules. The body is the common denominator of all the viewers, it is something to relate with on the most personal and intimate basis.

Sky began working on The Naked and the Nude, in summer of 1990 at the Musee Rodin in Paris, France. She was seduced by the luminous quality of the Rodin sculptures and became very intrigued with taking the sculptures out of their original setting and transforming the images. She was fascinated with the idea of bringing the sculptures to life; the tension, which was created as the viewer became unsure if the image he or she is confronting, is a photograph or a real person or a sculpture.

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