Expired by Kerry Mansfield (Limited Edition Box Set) Curious George Rides a Bike


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Expired by Kerry Mansfield

Foreward by Heather Snider (Executive Director, San Francisco Camerawork)

Published by Modernbook Editions, 2017

After culling through thousands of books each one was chosen for specific characteristics that best display the love poured into library books over their years on the stacks. Currently over 180 ex-library books have been individually photographed. Every one was assessed, lovingly documented and alphabetically archived. The series is comprised of 175 photographs.


Limited Edition: Collector’s box contains a signed book, archival pigment photograph, enclosed in linen clamshell box. Total edition size of 50.


Book: Cloth bound, Hard cover, 12 x 12 inches, 120 pages, 73 color plates.

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