Raven Erebus: Seahorse No. 22


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Conjuring visions of mythical beasts, these delicate little carnivores hide in underwater gardens, a fantastical existence. Their environment is often destroyed by fishing nets, pollution, and severe storms. The seahorse relies on slow moving water and grasses to anchor themselves as they are not very good swimmers. They are highly prized in Chinese medicine. Millions are hunted and removed from the wild annually.

These prints started out in the darkroom. I made dozens of photograms using various objects laid on top of the sensitized black and white photo paper. The paper is then developed normally in developer, stop bath, and fixer, then washed.

Once the images are dry I then scan them. After that I go in and invert the image. Then I lighten any very dark areas to a neutral grey. I then print the image out on Rives BFK and proceed to watercolor the image. After that I scan the image again, and touch up any scratches or dust spots.


  • Framed to 12x15 inches.
  • Edition size of 13.
  • Artwork is signed, titled, editioned, by artist en recto.